At NMC Vinoda, we provide excellent treatment for cancer.  Our comprehensive and focused approach to our patient along with the state-of-the-art-facilities ensures that each of our patients gets the best possible outcome. To know about our services, click on the below tabs:

Key Diagnostic Procedures

  • Epidermal growth factor receptor test
  • KRAS / NRAS test
  • BRAF Gene Mutation test
  • Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) test
  • BRCA1 and BRCA2 test
  • MI Profile
  • Oncotype DX test
  • Prosigna Assay
  • MRI Breast
  • Guided biopsies (thyroid, liver, breast, pancreas, bone)
  • Stereotactic biopsies of the breast
  • Other genetic diagnostic tests

Cancer Treatment

NMC Vinoda, being the leading hospital for cancer treatment has latest equipments and well-established doctors to provide convenient access to their services.

Oncology Treatment

Our oncology department covers the complete spectrum of treatment namely surgery, chemotherapy, image guided therapies and other services including the ability to provide care for acute needs.

Salient Features

  • Breast, prostate, colorectal screening programs and some genetic tests are offered at NO cost to the patient.*
  • Expertise in head and neck and thyroid / parathyroid tumors
  • One of the highest number of thyroid / parathyroid surgeries carried out in
    the region in a single center.
  • Minimally invasive GI onco-surgery
  • Zero post-operative mortality in head & neck, GIT cancers since inception
  • 10% of documented breast cancer cases in Abu Dhabi are treated at our facility

Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board

NMC Vinoda has put together a tumor board (the first in the region in a private facility) which discusses all tumor cases and arrives at a multi-disciplinary treatment modality for each patient.

This ensures personalised attention to the particular medical needs of each patient.

Unique Procedures / Complex Surgeries Conducted at NMC Institutions

  • Substernal Goitre
  • Radiation induced pre-vertebral soft tissue sarcoma
  • Recurrent parotid carcinoma which needed extended resection
  • Lap assisted total proctocolectomy & ileoanal pouch for a case of FAP
  • Immediate breast reconstruction following mastectomy

*In association with partner companies